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Noelia Chaskielberg

Real Estate Sales Associate

Diamond Society 2018

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Noelia Chaskielberg

Real Estate Sales Associate

Noelia Chaskielberg is a luxury real estate lifestyle professional who unquestionably redefines personal client service. With more than 8 years of experience in South Florida, she is not your typical real estate agent; rather she is a specialist who works with sellers and buyers every step of the way to make things happen.

What distinguishes Noelia from other high-end realtors is that she combines her love of real estate and marketing with expertise in finance, taxation, and international accounting. She comfortably and skillfully negotiates contracts that meet and exceed her clients' objectives; providing counsel and guidance all along the way.

"My primary value is integrity," Noelia says. "It's not just about the deal – it's about building relationships and caring about my clients. To that end, my clients always receive up-to-date market information, industry data, and statistical analysis they need to know to make wise decisions. I am a stickler for details, and it's those important details that ensure successful transactions."

Prior to Brown Harris Stevens, Noelia joined Opulence International Realty in 2014 after more than three years with Beachfront Realty. She is a CPA and tax analyst who worked for LNR Property Corp. / LNR Partners, Inc. for more than six years; a company specializing in commercial real estate. She is originally from Buenos Aires, and lived in Pittsburgh between 2002 and 2006 before relocating to Miami Beach.

Noelia works with local sellers as well as local and international buyers. She speaks English and Spanish, and has a good understanding of Portuguese.

"I list locally and market globally," she says. "I have a strong national and international network of contacts and, in collaboration with BHS' technology and operational capabilities, can offer clients an array of services seldom available to real estate clients today."

Noelia is married with two young children and, when not working hard for her clients, enjoys family and community activities and the Florida lifestyle.

Noelia's Property Listings

The collection of luxury oceanfront and waterfront real estate in Miami Beach and Southern Florida

Jade Signature #3203


  • $16,525.96/m²
  • 3 Dormitorios, 4½ Baños
  • 272.3 m² (2931 s.f.)
[ See More ]
The Grandview Condo #1201
Miami Beach


  • 3 Dormitorios, 2 Baños
  • 129.1 m² (1390 s.f.)
[ See More ]

Noelia's Property Sales

Here is a list of Noelia's most recent property sales, with the most-recent ones showing first. You may resort the list by clicking on any column.

Propiedad Unidad Precio Precio de Venta Precio de venta por Pie Cuadrado $/m² Dorms/Baños Espacio Interior Más
The Grand View Condo 1905 $430,000 $390,000 $4,115.61/m² 2/2 94.8 m² (1020 s.f.) more
565 Fairway Dr $950,000 $867,500 $4,572.82/m² 3/2½ 189.7 m² (2042 s.f.) more
The Grandiew Condo 1501 $670,000 $635,000 $4,917.33/m² 3/2 129.1 m² (1390 s.f.) more
The Grandview Condo 1805 $779,000 $750,000 $6,693.97/m² 3/2 112.0 m² (1206 s.f.) more
Grandview Condo 502 $499,500 $470,000 $4,287.32/m² 3/2 109.6 m² (1180 s.f.) more
5900 Collins Av Home $680,000 $655,000 $5,974.88/m² 3/2 109.6 m² (1180 s.f.) more
The Grandview Condo 808 $585,000 $550,000 $4,259.10/m² 3/2 129.1 m² (1390 s.f.) more
The Grandview Condo 1207 $490,000 $460,000 $4,259.10/m² 3/2 0.0 m² (0 s.f.) more
Kim Aimee 4019 $520,000 $480,000 $4,438.73/m² 2/2½ 108.1 m² (1164 s.f.) more
The Grandview Condo 1904 $660,000 $645,000 $4,855.05/m² 3/2 132.9 m² (1430 s.f.) more
Apogee 603 $8,700,000 $8,000,000 $27,750.98/m² 3/3 288.3 m² (3103 s.f.) more
The Grandview 1708 $599,000 $560,000 $4,336.54/m² 3/2 129.1 m² (1390 s.f.) more
Mei 502 $2,650,000 $2,500,000 $14,810.00/m² 3/3½ 168.8 m² (1817 s.f.) more
The Grandview Condo 1208 $559,900 $550,000 $4,259.10/m² 3/2 129.1 m² (1390 s.f.) more
1111 SW 1 Av Home $335,000 $316,000 $4,901.15/m² 1/1 64.5 m² (694 s.f.) more
The Bath Club 1404 $4,900,000 $4,350,000 $11,758.67/m² 3/3½ 369.9 m² (3982 s.f.) more

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